Monthly Utility Billing Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are my water charges so high when the bill switched to monthly billing?

    The August bill contains two months of water consumption charges and one month of charges for all other services for the month of August. The City of Davis charges for water in arrears, and, as a result, the water charge appearing on the August monthly bill is for May and June.  The bill for September has one month of water consumption for the month of July and one month of charges for all other services for the month of September.  To see current rates and rate structure:


  • The Bi-monthly bills were due the second Wednesday of every odd month. Will the monthly bills be due on the same day each month?

    Yes. The monthly bills will be mailed out by the 1st and are due by the 30th of each month.  If the 30th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the due date is the next business day.

  • Will I get a penalty if my bill is not paid by the 30th of each month?

    Yes. The penalty parameters have not changed. You will receive a 10% penalty if payment of your City Service bill is not received by the 30th.  If the 30th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the payment would be due the next business day.


  • Why do I see a previous balance on my account when I paid my bill on the 30th?

    Due to printing and mail time, the City has to process the bills on or after the 25th of the month; which is why payments made after the 25th of the month my not be reflected in the total due.  To check your balance, log into your account at online city payments, using your account number and PIN.  New users can find their PIN on the front of the bill, at the top, under the service address.

  • Are payment agreements still an option if I cannot meet the payment due date?

    Yes. Payment agreements are still available to customers who require additional time to pay their City Services charges.

  • Will my Auto pay work for monthly billing and when will it be drafted?

    Yes. Your Auto pay will continue to work with monthly billings and will draft on or around the 24th before the City Services bill due date.

  • In the past, the sewer rate was calculated using my water consumption between November and February of the previous year. Will that calculation change now that the bill is monthly?

    Yes. Although the sewer will still be based on the water consumption during the months of November through February, it will now be based on monthly reads.  As a result, the volume portion of your sewer fees will be cut in half because it is being billed on a monthly basis instead of every two months.

  • There are new rates and a new consumption tier on my monthly bill. I have never seen this charge before. Why are the rates higher and what is this new water tier?

    In January 15, 2013 the City Council approved the new water rates. The rate increase is effective with water used on or after May 2013. The rate increase and rate structure can be found online at

  • When the billing was Bi-monthly, occasionally I would receive a late notice reminding me I had not paid my bill. Now the City is billing monthly, will I still receive a late notice?

    No. The City will no longer be issuing courtesy late notices as reminders for accounts with outstanding balances. Any unpaid balance will appear as a balance forward on the next month’s bill.  However, if your account goes to the shut-off process, you will still receive a shut-off notice.