Welcome to the Administrative Services Department

The Administrative Services Department (ASD) serves the public interest by providing sound financial management as the custodian of public funds, performs reliable, detailed fiscal analysis for financial planning, and maximizes investment opportunities and establishes and maintains internal fiscal controls to ensure city assets are protected and to ensure compliance with all legal provisions. It enables city departments to appoint qualified persons to authorized vacant positions, monitors policies for compliance with federal and state employee safety mandates, provides training and enrichment opportunities for all city employees, administers employee benefits and facilitate labor negotiations. The department further provides internal computing resources and provides technical support and training for city employees, improves customer services through the use of information technology and provides quality telecommunications services. ASD also purposes to create quality of life for Davis residents by providing a diverse array of recreation programs and services guided by the core values of accountable, fairness, service, making a difference, quality, leadership, and vision.

Requires Update: No

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